Colocation what is mean?

Put your Server in the World Class Data Center management. ModernOne providing you reliability, availability, e.g. ficiency and volume operation environment. Using our World Class Data Center system ,because clients to provide 24 x 7 unlimited access, HVAC optimized air condition and quality premium bandwidth.
Why use our data center? AIMS Data Center have a ISO 27001:2005 certified Data Center.
ModernOne Data Solutions professional hosting and network services. Provides has 24 hours professional engineers technology support, perfect of World Class Data Center equipment provides HVAC optimized air cond service, gas fire-fighting equipment, 2N power source systems and standby generator systems, and a variety of online, as well as 24 x 7 CCTV monitoring, maintenance of the security monitor, also available with a water leakage detection and high sensitivity smoke detection. Allowing you to save world class data center and green construction, decreased costs, 365 days technical support. Give you greater reliability.
Under what condition choose the Co-Location?
1. Have their own team responsible for periodically updating monitoring,in an emergency, can always call support.
2. Frequency Bandwidth of the site need a large.
3. Site use a lot of resources, at the same time running multiple servers.
Co-location is easy to break in the market we are using AIMS Data Center, unlimited access, reboot, fast provisioning and setup and flexible without hidden cost.

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