Shared hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

For business owners who are considering shared or dedicated hostingfor their ecommerce website. Here are some of the major differences you need to know:

Shared Hosting Dedicated Hosting
Number of Websites Hosted by the Server ≥1 Only 1
Bandwidth or data storage space split or shared between multiple websites all reserved for one website
Response time and Loading time relatively longer, in particular when net traffic is high during certain times consistent
Costs relatively lower substantial amount
Required technical skills none, the shared hosting service provider gives the technical assistance requires one skilled in website publishing
Security Shared hosting service provider are in charge responsible by the business owner/website operator
Risk of website getting blacklisted by search engines significant; malpractices from the co-websites such as spamming may implicate the entire IP address as long as ethical internet practices are maintained, there are little to no risk
Level of control limited by the shared hosting service provider totally flexible

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